Emma Hughes Photography Blog

book Sale 23/11/2020 Black Friday

A guide to this year’s Black Friday Sale

beach shoot Horse 29/06/2020 Beach shoots

Learn about my favourite summer location and how you can join me on the beach

headshots porchtraits 08/06/2020 Emerging from Lockdown

porchtraits and business photography how I’m adding to the services I can offer you

creative editorial 27/03/2020 Isolation

Isolation can bring with it the freedom to be creative, check out how I’ve been keeping busy

editorial cats 14/03/2020 Herding Cats

branching out into cat portraiture, in at the deep end with 10 Maine Coons

creative book editorial 21/01/2020 Dawn Shoot in a Winter Wonderland

A dawn excursion for some Winter landscapes in Richmond Park

product guide editorial 13/01/2020 Deep framed canvas – Product of the Month

Product of the month – Deep framed canvas, combining craftsmanship with the best printing techniques

Horse portraiture editorial 12/12/2019 New Forest Photo Shoot

a wonderful shoot with an amazing lady and her super little herd in the New Forest

product guide editorial 09/12/2019 Christmas gifts

A Christmas gift idea for the animal lover in your life this festive season, or drop a big hint to your nearest and dearest.

product guide editorial 05/12/2019 Acrylic Gallery – Product of the Month

Product of the month, the ever popular acrylic gallery, modern ,sleek and timeless, the perfect statement piece.